Water Woes: Tackling France’s Leaky Pipes, and the World’s Big Cities

Hi, I’m Jason the water guy. Water is the most abundant and most important compound in the world. And you get a lot of fluff out there from people trying to sell their products. So I’m here to give my experienced opinion about what is good and what is not when you choose your best drinking water.

Water serves a number of essential functions to keep us all going… A vital nutrient to the life of every human cell. The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream.

The below article is great because it answers a common question for water consumers around the world.

France has a water problem – it loses a staggering amount of its precious drinking water supply before it even reaches consumers. The national water utility SISPEA estimates that a full 20% of drinking water is lost due to leaks in the pipe network across the country. In Paris, that number may be even higher at around 50% lost to underground leaks. 

But there are potential solutions using smart technology. By embedding real-time communication systems between water meters across the network, utilities can pinpoint leaks quickly before massive amounts of water are wasted. The meters act like a smart grid, instantly detecting abnormalities in water pressure that indicate a leak and triangulating the location.

Beyond just leak detection, these smart water management systems can also help utilities optimize water distribution, identify top consumers that may need audits, and proactively schedule pipe maintenance and replacement. 

As France braces for possible summer drought conditions again in 2023 after last year’s water shortages, finding and stopping leaks will be crucial. Investing in digital leak detection is a cost-effective solution that could help stretch limited water supplies further across cities and agricultural areas.  Paris isn’t the only city in the world with unknown big underground water leaks. Big cities around the whole world should seek ways to save enourmous amounts of water from being lost underground.