The Benefits of Pouring Natural Mineral Water on Your Hair Post-Shower

After a refreshing shower, many people feel compelled to immediately style or dry their hair. However, by taking a moment to pour pure mineral water over your head and hair, you can gain some beneficial effects. Here’s why you may want to give this a try:

Rinsing with Natural Mineral Water Removes Chlorine Residue

Tap water contains chlorine, which helps sanitize the water but can be drying and damaging to hair over time. After shampooing and conditioning in the shower, chlorine residue remains on your strands. Pouring bottled mineral water over your head provides a final rinse that helps wash away any lingering chlorine before it has a chance to dry on your hair. This helps keep hair strong, smooth and free of chlorine buildup.

Natural Mineral Water Deposits Essential Minerals

Unlike filtered tap water, natural mineral water contains naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Letting it flow over your hair and scalp allows these essential minerals to be deposited, which can actually benefit hair health. Research shows that calcium, magnesium and potassium play roles in maintaining the structure of the hair cuticle and nourishing the scalp.

It Adds a Layer of Hydration

The combination of removing chlorine and depositing hydrating minerals makes mineral water a moisturizing final rinse for hair. This extra hydration can help reduce frizz, detangle wet hair and improve the look and feel of your strands as they air dry. For an added bonus, the cooling effect of the mineral water can also help close cuticles for smoother, shinier hair.

Easy Post-Shower Habit for Hair Health

Pouring bottled natural mineral water over your head after shampooing takes just a minute or two. Keep a bottle in your shower caddy so it’s handy. Tilt your head back, saturate your hair and gently massage your scalp as you rinse. This simple ritual can make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your hair over time.

The naturally occurring minerals found in natural mineral water make it beneficial for both hair and skin health. Using it as a final rinse helps remove chlorine residue, add minerals, increase hydration and enhance your post-shower hair care routine.