Major health benefits of Silica in our Water

What is silica?

Silica, also called silicon dioxide, is a compound found in sand, clays, and igneous…. and metamorphic rock. It is used to build glass, fiber optic cables and concrete etc. 

You might wonder why silica is in water? Well, to put it simply, water has extremely strong bonding properties. When water moves through soil and rock, it absorbs the silica.

How much silica is good for our health?

As you know, silica is naturally occurring and it’s found on food and many beauty products. The US FDA doesn’t promote a standard of how much silca should we consume. The Food Standards of Great Britain ….. recommends 1500 mg/day for the average adult. 

Six health benefits from silica – skin, heart, immunity and more

1.     Improves joint and bones

Silica plays many important roles in the proper functioning of our bodies. It helps absorb….. bone calcium and helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Silicon dioxide also helps protection our teeth and gums. Many studies show that as we grow older, silica levels go down and bones weaken.

2.     Boosts immune system

Silica can also decrease aluminium in the human body, serving to guard from diseases. Silica-loaded mineral water also supports the immune system and helps prevents sickness and infection. Given that silica is in our skin and digestive tissue, it is important to consume.

3.     Boost your heart health

It’s not surprising that silica helps strengthen the blood vessels and increase their strength, which could prevent heart disease and any heart blockage.

4.     Boost hair, skin and nail health

Silica helps hair strengthen and prevent thinning. The same goes with your skin and nails. When silica levels drop, our nails become brittle and grow slower than before. Silica also helps our skin elasticity and collagen.

5.     Improves digestive disorders

Silica can also help reverse food intolerances and help reduce flatulence. Silica helps lower stomach acidity; thereby playing an important role in stomach strength and digestive track improvement. 

6.     Prevention from disease

Silica contributes to prevention of kidney stones and other diseases.

How to get silica from our diet?

There are many ways to get silica from our diet. Some healthy food sources which contain silica are below:

1.   Romaine lettuce

2.   Cucumber (skin of cucumber)

3.   Apples

4.   Cherries

5.   Mango

6.   Cabbage

7.   Oranges

8.   Endive

9.   Carrots

10.  Beans

11.  Eggplant

12.  Pumpkin

13.  Celery 

14.  Beetroot

15.  Bamboo soots

16.  Alfalfa

17.  Artichokes

18.  Radish

19.  Spinach

20.  Asparagus

21.  Watercress

22.  Green beans

23.  Tomatoes skin

24.  Brown rice

25.  Barley

26.  Millet

27.  Oats


1.     Horsetail

2.     Nettles

3.     Comfrey

4.     Chickweed

5.     Burdock root

Overall, silica plays a very important role in our body, reducing the risk of diseases, and improving human body functions. The overall best way to get silica is from natural mineral water.

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