Is Hydrogen Infused Water Good?

Hi, I’m Jason the water guy. Water is the most abundant and most important compound in the world. And you get a lot of fluff out there from people trying to sell their products. So I’m here to give my experienced opinion about what is good and what is not when you choose your best drinking water.

The below article is great because it answers a common question for water consumers around the world.

Hydrogen Infused Water

Hydrogen = H2. Some people like oxygen added to their drinking water, or CO2 added or H2 added. H2 has no taste or odor and is not toxic. However, H2 added to water is not known to make much difference in your drinking water for multiple reasons. According to a scientist opinion, these are the reasons:

Amounts added to water are typically small doses, but even in large amounts, it would just make you burp. H2 is too stable to react in your body. It gets in your blood and you just exhale it. There are no known mechanisms that involve molecular hydrogen in the body. If it makes you feel better, it is psychological. And that’s fine. 

Interesting if bottled in plastic, the H2 molecule is so small, it actually passes through plastic like helium through a balloon.  

Conclusion: I wouldn’t jump to buy hydrogen water. To get all the benefits of trace elements and compounds from drinking water, I prefer to buy straight natural spring water / natural mineral water filtered by the earth.