How is tap water treated?

Excerpt from :
Loudoun County, Virgina Drinking Water Quality Report for 2019.

“The treatment process at both Fairfax Water and Loudoun Water includes chemical coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. Coagulation and flocculation help condition the raw water so that contaminants combine with particulate matter to form floc (large particles), which will settle out in the sedimentation process. Filtration removes the smaller, lighter particles. Disinfection with chlorine is the last step, which kills bacteria, viruses and other microbial contaminants. Sufficient chlorine is added to deter growth of bacteria while water flows through the pipes to your home. Chlorine can be dangerous to human health at high amounts. EPA sets the safe limit for chlorine in your water at a running annual average of 4 ppm. The chlorine amount is maintained so as to be extremely effective at inactivating bacteria.

Chloramine, a type of chlorine is used as the chlorine disinfectant for both treatment facilities. Chloramines are created by adding ammonia to chlorine. Chloramines break down much slower than free chlorine, minimizing the creation of TTHMs and maximizing the length of time the disinfectant remains in the water. One downside of chloramines is they may cause certain types of gaskets or toilet flappers to deteriorate faster, potentially causing leaks.
Fairfax Water and the Loudoun Water Trap Rock Water Treatment Facility also use ozone as another disinfectant. Ozone reduces the amount of chlorine needed to treat the water, offers additional barriers against water borne pathogens and produces better tasting water. Orthophosphate is also added to the water to help coat the pipes and reduce the ability of the lead to leach out.”

Conclusion: I prefer fresh tasting natural mineral water filtered by the earth and naturally free from contaminants and harmful bacteria; but also free from chlorine and chloramine and other common ozone treatments in municipal tap water. You can find that in a fresh tested spring or in a trusted bottled natural mineral water.

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